The Foggy Horizon

A New Land

Im on a boat

The party joins the the crew of the Marooned lady and sets out. Two days out they encounter pirates the party aides the crew and they defeat the pirates and take there ship. The party with a few crew member’s from the ship take the prize but continue to sail with the captain.

The party encounters a freak storm that forces them to test there sea fairing skills the boats are forced together and large elemental creature climbs onto the boat. The party squares off against it and manages to defeat it.

The ships limp to an island to make repairs. The party is offered money to map the island. The party encounters mutant frogs that ambush the party damaging them and forcing them to retreat and rest.

After a restless night the party decides to travel the perimeter of the island. encountering a boar that slows them down. The boars trail leads to a temple the players decide to map the island first and return to camp. They party decides to set out for the temple cutting through the island to save time. The party encounters the temple sooner then expected and decide to go inside. They meet Belbena inside a woman who is in the temple as well. Belbena takes an artifact then attacks the party. The party defeats her takes the artifact and run from the temple leaving it collapsed on her body.


adrianray60 adrianray60

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